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Passwords are a compromise to balance security with ease of use for online applications and services, but managing them is a real headache for consumers.

With ZenKey, you don’t have to compromise. ZenKey is based on the technology that carriers use to secure the mobile network, and it can now be used for your online applications and services. That means fewer barriers to subscriber adoption and higher customer satisfaction.


Increase Conversions

About 60% of users abandon the registration process because it’s too cumbersome, 59% are concerned that their information is not protected from a data breach, and 54% feel they don’t have control over how their personal data is shared. Even worse, the user abandonment rate of shopping carts is 70%.

With ZenKey you can capture more than 50% of these registrations and abandoned shopping carts.

Decrease Fraud

SIM Swap Fraud is on the rise and has cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. With ZenKey, fraudsters can no longer access your users’ accounts based on stolen credentials and a simple SIM Swap, mitigating fraud associated with SIM Swaps. In addition to fraud prevention features built into the platform, ZenKey also offers Trust Services, which are a collection of APIs and event alerts. These will be useful in situations when businesses suspect fraud with their users’ accounts.

Enhance Security

Social engineering, phishing, and other similar tactics have made it important to use methods such as PINs and SMS verification to validate transactions online. However, these methods themselves are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

With ZenKey, you can offer two-factor authentication to your customers that doesn’t rely on SMS and is easier for them to use. Your customers simply opt to use ZenKey, which has two-factor authentication built into a biometric flow.

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