Troubleshooting Authorization Errors on Android

Error Type identifies the class of AuthorizationError. For more details, refer to the ERROR_KEY and ERROR_DESCRIPTION_KEY.

The following table summarizes the AuthorizationError error types and potential recovery suggestions for each.

Error TypePossible CauseRecovery Suggestion
INVALID_CONFIGURATIONThe wrong client_id was registered.Revise the client_id.
INVALID_REQUESTAn invalid parameter was used for the current request.Check the request parameters.
REQUEST_DENIEDThis might occur when the user doesn't click deny/cancelDisplay an appropriate feedback message to the user
REQUEST_TIMEOUTThe request took too long to process and is cancelled on the client side. This is not related to the server but to the device network connection (such as a bad connection).Use a feedback message such as "Unable to reach the server, please try again" or "Poor network connection..."
SERVER_ERRORThe server was not able to handle the request.Check your server. This is not a network issue.
NETWORK_FAILUREThere is no connection with the network.Display a feedback message advising the user to check their connection and try again.
DISCOVERY_STATETriggered by the SDK during the discovery process. Examples: When the SDK is doing a loop between discovery and discover_ui because of a server bug, or when there is no browser available on the device to show the discover_ui/authorize webpages.Try to perform the authorization request again.
UNKNOWNAn unknown error has occurred.If the problem persists, contact support.

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