ZenKey Symbol

Most commonly, the ZenKey symbol appears as the app icon on phones and other mobile devices that have it installed. This means users may also see the symbol in other locations such as on push notifications, loading screens, micro buttons, and the left side of the "Sign in with ZenKey" button.

Dark Mode | Dark Theme

In iOS versions 13.0 and later, and Android 10 (API level 29) and higher versions, users may choose to adopt a dark system-wide appearance. With this feature enabled, the user interface acquires a darker color palette for all windows, views, menus, and controls.

ZenKey interprets dark mode according to the iOS and Android platform style guide colors. Therefore, ZenKey alters the normal green color of light mode to a mint green (#A0DBA3) for dark mode. This design allows for sufficient contrast against a black or dark grey background.

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