Enabling Primary Devices

Before signing in using ZenKey, users must first install their carrier’s version of the ZenKey app on their primary device. Users can log into third-party apps after the initial setup. Pressing the ZenKey button in a third-party app or website starts the authentication process, prompting the user to set up their device up as the primary device if they have not. For more detail about the authorization flow, please see managing and enrolling users.


The primary device authenticates requests from other devices, such as desktops and tablets.

The following steps are associated with the labels on the diagram above:

  1. The user's wireless carrier is determined by the mccmnc — a six-digit number representing the user’s mobile country code (mcc) and mobile network code (mnc) — whose value allows for SIM and user authentication. The carrier returns an authorization code via your redirect URI.
  2. Your app or website makes an authorization code request of the local ZenKey app.
  3. If the user consents to share information, your backend server issues a token request for user info and other resources.

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