Enabling Debug Logging on iOS

To enable logging for debugging, you may pass a .logLevel key to the zenKeyOptions parameter in your ZenKeyAppDelegate. Doing so adds further detail when diagnosing warnings and errors that may occur during the flow of execution.

            didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions,
            /// the launchOptions received by your application's app delegate
            zenKeyOptions: BuildInfo.zenKeyOptions
            /// zenKeyOptions: ZenKey specific options. Pass a log level to ZenKey launch options to enable logging during debugging.

For instance, you might use NetworkLog.logLevel = .warn to log network messages. Other logging options include verbose, debug, info, error, and fatal.

public struct Log {
    static private(set) var logLevel: Level = .off

    public enum Level: Int {
        case off, error, warn, info, verbose

        var name: String {
            switch self {
            case .off:
                return ""
            case .warn:
                return "warn"
            case .error:
                return "error"
            case .info:
                return "info"
            case .verbose:
                return "verbose"

    static func configureLogger(level: Level) {
        logLevel = level

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