Requesting User Information

Upon receiving an access token, you may request user info by issuing a GET request from your backend to the userinfo_endpoint discovered earlier.

GET /userinfo HTTP/1.1
Authorization: bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN} 

The response contains JSON with the user information requested by your scopes and approved by the user.

{   “sub”:”mccmnc-1234567abcdefghijk”,
    “name”: {
        “value”:”Jane Doe”,
        “given_name”: “Jane”,
        “family_name”: “Doe”},
     “email”: {
        “value": “[email protected]”},
    “postal_code”: {
    “phone”: {

What’s Next

If you don't want to set up ZenKey just yet, feel free to explore a few sample calls on our Developer Playground. This environment will help you to learn about each step in the authorization process.

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