Setting Up Your iOS Project

From the Developer Portal, add the ZenKey SDK to your project (components here). To integrate ZenKey with your application project, use CocoaPods or add the SDK source to your Xcode project manually. Carthage is not supported.

Using CocoaPods

You can include the ZenKey SDK in your project as a CocoaPod. Add the following code to your podfile:

    pod 'ZenKeySDK' 

Using Carthage

To use the ZenKey SDK in your project with Carthage, include the following in your Cartfile:

    github "MyZenKey/sp-sdk-ios"

Adding the SDK Source Manually to the Project Directory

To add the SDK source manually to your Xcode project:

  1. Move the ZenKey SDK source directly to the project directory.
  2. Add ZenKeySDK.xcodeproj to your application's Xcode project.
  3. After adding the project, confirm that your deployment target is greater than or equal to the SDK deployment target (in Xcode: Project > Info Panel).
  4. View your project's "Embedded Binaries" under your target's "General" panel. Add the ZenKeySDK framework. Be sure to select the corresponding framework for the platform you are targeting (the iOS framework for an iOS target).
  5. Build and run the project to ensure that everything is working correctly.

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