Integrating with ZenKey is Easy

Whether you need to register first or are ready to access documentation right away, you’ll find everything you need here to quickly integrate ZenKey and enhance your customer experiences.

Here’s how to get started:
Register your Company
Register your company, configure your services, and obtain your client credentials.
Get the SDK
Download the SDKs and sample code for your platform (Android, iOS, and Web).
Integrate your App
Start creating your ZenKey solution (Android, iOS, and Web)

Need additional help to prevent fraud?
Add Trust Services to your ZenKey solution.
Need additional help to prevent fraud?
Add Trust Services to your ZenKey solution.

Developer Playground User Guide

As an application developer, you will find the ZenKey Developer Playground a useful tool for observing how ZenKey works when integrating it with your applications. The playground is in itself a sample web app with a pre-configured environment to exercise ZenKey workflows. As you step through the playground, the messages are sent between the playground and its backend, and the appropriate carrier for many of the services.

You can configure the environment and run each step for user authentication. You can test the user experience by being the user yourself with ZenKey on your mobile device. When you are ready, you can apply what you learned to integrate and test ZenKey with your own apps.

The Developer Playground helps developers understand the ZenKey flows and associated requests and responses. This guide describes this OAuth environment for user authentication and authorization, as well as for fraud detection and prevention.


The playground can be accessed at

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Developer Playground User Guide

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