Request Approval for Your Company to Use ZenKey

From the Getting Started tab, click "Start Submission", enter the requested information about your company, and press “Submit Company”.

ZenKey is only for companies that authenticate customers and users and would like to improve security around those accounts. Approval is at ZenKey's sole discretion. ZenKey confirms approval within a few days.

If your company is declined, but you believe you have a strategic interest worthy of a discussion, please reach out to ZenKey through the 'Add a New Support Ticket' form in the ZenKey portal.

While waiting for approval, review the trial and commercial agreements either online or download them. After approval, accept the terms of the agreement to move forward.

Meanwhile, take the opportunity to review additional tools and resources like the Developer Playground, where you can use your own ZenKey app, downloaded from the appropriate app store to walk through the ZenKey experience.

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