Setting the Shareable Attributes

This provides a list of data attributes available by request from ZenKey. Select those required or helpful to your app experience. When end-users link their ZenKey app to your app or service for the first time, they will be presented with a consent screen and the opportunity to decline to consent to any attribute you request.

End-users provide consent to their wireless carriers, who then provide the requested attributes to you, the merchant, when appropriate.

The set of data attributes may change as more attributes become available. These attributes may be categorized and may have different cost implications – make sure to read the on-screen information and refer to your commercial agreement (if you have one) for those details.


You must request the desired attributes here in the Portal, in order to request them from a particular end user. If you do not set up a Project to include a request for end users to share their email addresses, then you will not be able to request it during your operation of ZenKey.

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