Working with Developer Mode

When your organization is governed by a ZenKey limited trial agreement, all your clients are automatically set to Developer Mode.

What is Developer Mode?

ZenKey assigns Developer Mode to each client, and by extension to the integrated app or website using that client. Developer Mode allows your developers to test your integrated apps. When clients are in Developer Mode, developers can test by putting their ZenKey apps into Developer Mode.

  • Apps in Developer Mode cannot be used by the end user (that is, apps in Developer Mode are not launched).
  • Clients in Developer Mode cannot authenticate integrated apps or websites that have been launched.

Enable Developer Mode in the ZenKey app

To put your ZenKey mobile app into Developer Mode:

  1. Go to the Settings screen in the ZenKey app.
  2. Tap the App Version number seven times to expose the Developer Mode toggle.
  3. Enable Developer Mode via the toggle.
  4. Use the ZenKey app now (or any others you and your developers and testers put into Developer Mode) to test your integrated app and/or website.

When your client is in Developer Mode

  • Your integrated app or website is not visible in the in-app ZenKey directory. (The ZenKey directory allows end-users to discover active ZenKey-integrated apps.)
  • Only ZenKey apps in Developer Mode function with clients' integrated apps or websites in Developer Mode. End-users who try to authenticate from ZenKey apps in normal mode with clients in Developer Mode receive error messages.

Accept the commercial agreement and launch your apps prior to end-users accessing them.

When your client is in Launched Mode

  • When your integrated app or website launches, it is listed in the ZenKey in-app directory and is no longer in Developer Mode.
  • End users with the ZenKey app can interact with your launched integrated app or website.

Launching your client or integrated app out of Developer Mode

  1. Integrations governed by limited trial licenses cannot launch a client out of Developer Mode.
  2. After accepting a commercial agreement, you can launch a client from Developer Mode to Launched Mode using the client view in the Developer Portal.
  3. In Launched Mode, pricing and billing terms go into effect.
  4. In Launched Mode, end-users can use the app to authenticate using their ZenKey apps.

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