Working with Launched Mode

Organizations governed by ZenKey's Commercial Agreement can put their clients into Launched Mode.

What is Launched Mode?

Launching a client for an integrated app or website removes it from Developer Mode and makes it visible in the ZenKey in-app directory.
End-users can use ZenKey to authenticate with integrated apps or websites that have been launched.

Requirements for launching a client

  • Accepted the commercial agreement.
  • All carriers provisioned the clients.
  • Verified billing contact.
  • Configured billing account.

Note: We strongly recommend putting clients through verification testing before launching.

Steps for launching a client or integrated app

Agreed-upon pricing and billing terms go into effect after launch.
Billing charges for the client appear in the next invoice. For more information, see View Billing Invoices.

  1. Accept the Commercial Agreement.
  2. Select a project.
  3. Find and select the client in the client area. When the client fulfills all requirements, it enables the Launch Client button.
  4. Click Launch Client.

Steps for revoking a client

Revoking a client puts the client back into developer mode and pauses all billing charges.

  1. Log into the Developer Portal
  2. Select a project.
  3. Find and select the client in the client area.
  4. Click Revoke Client, which is enabled when the client is in Launched Mode.

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