ZenKey Trust Services are available to merchants via two types of endpoints – a user trait, such as the SIM Tenure API, and event alerts, such as the sim_swap alert. Trust Services are useful in situations when a merchant suspects fraud concerning user accounts.

Both these endpoints reside with the participating ZenKey carriers. The user trait endpoint accepts incoming API requests directly from the merchant and responds with answers to specific questions in the request.

The response is available in real-time. The event alert endpoint, on the other hand, generates alerts that are delivered to the merchant. It generates alerts upon qualifying changes to the user’s device or wireless account. These event alerts are automatic and merchants receive them without having to make API calls. Acting on these alerts protects users from fraud.

In order to obtain user traits and event alerts, merchants must subscribe to them on the ZenKey developer portal. Another pre-condition is that Trust Services are only applicable to merchant users that have a ZenKey app and have used it to log in to their merchant account at least once. Alternatively, the user must have used ZenKey as a factor of authentication with the merchant.

The only trust service available is the user trait called SIM Tenure API - and only under a trial agreement. The SIM Tenure API allows merchants to query participating ZenKey wireless carriers directly via an API call and learn whether the SIM card for a given user has changed within the past 24 hours. As more user traits and event alerts become available, this guide will reflect the details of their use.

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