The SIM Tenure API

Definition: SIM Tenure is the amount of time the SIM card in the end user’s primary device is associated with the end user’s account through a participating wireless carrier.

For the SIM Tenure option, configure the following:

  • User behavior actions to be monitored, such as attempted bank transactions, and/or users/MDNs to be checked for sim_tenure_24.
  • Process for querying the user's carrier.
  • Process for checking sim_tenure_24.
  • Process for inputting the sim_tenure_24 into your existing fraud prevention system.
  • User remediation - actions to be implemented for users whose sim_tenure_24 is false.

Test the option

With the simulator tool and environment of your choice, follow these steps to test your implementation:

  1. Swap a mobile phone's SIM card.
  2. Use the phone to connect to your application.
  3. Submit an API query to the carrier for the phone for it's sim_tenure_24.
  4. Review the response.
  5. Check that the sim_tenure_24 for your phone was input into your test fraud protection system and remediation actions have been set.
@startuml sim_tenure_24participant spbox "jv"
participant score as "fraud score"
participant di as "discovery"
participant auditlogs
end boxbox "mno"participant source
participant CCID_IDP
participant usertraitnote over sp,usertrait
   SP has previously authenticated a user
   and tracked their Sub id
end notesp->sp: identify a usersp->di: call discover
di->sp: latest carrier configsp->sp: generate request
sp->sp: sign requestsp->usertrait: query
usertrait ->CCID_IDP: verify sp authentication
usertrait-> CCID_IDP: verify user has consented SP
usertrait-> source: fetch tenure
usertrait-> usertrait: format response
usertrait-> sp: sim_tenure_24:true|falseusertrait -> auditlogs: usertrait [email protected]

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