Integrating with ZenKey is Easy

Whether you need to register first or are ready to access documentation right away, you’ll find everything you need here to quickly integrate ZenKey and enhance your customer experiences.

Here’s how to get started:
Register your Company
Register your company, configure your services, and obtain your client credentials.
Get the SDK
Download the SDKs and sample code for your platform (Android, iOS, and Web).
Integrate your App
Start creating your ZenKey solution (Android, iOS, and Web)

Need additional help to prevent fraud?
Add Trust Services to your ZenKey solution.
Need additional help to prevent fraud?
Add Trust Services to your ZenKey solution.

Quickstart Videos


This ZenKey QuickStart Covers performing an authorization request on your primary mobile device, that is to say the same device which you have installed your ZenKey App.


This video will cover making an authorization request using the ZenKey iOS SDK, but the topics covered here will help you understand the whole authorization flow, regardless of platform. We’ll be covering how the ZenKey iOS SDK issues an Authorization request to the authorization endpoint we found during discovery and receives a redirect_uri with the requested auth code.

Token Requests

With your auth code in hand, it’s time to exchange the auth code for a token. The token endpoint requires some form of privileged authorization – a signed assertion or a authorization header – as well as the authorization code, and the same redirect uri that was used when you requested the auth code from your application.

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Quickstart Videos

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