Add the ZenKey Button on the Web

Use these buttons to begin the ZenKey sign-in flow. They function on the web and other digital platforms. See the add the ZenKey button on Android and add the ZenKey button on iOS for information about using SDK buttons.

Colored and Light Buttons

Use the color version on white or light backgrounds and the light button on dark backgrounds and in dark mode.

CTA Variations

You may also use the "Continue" call to action if it is more suitable to your use case.

Micro Buttons

Use micro buttons when space is limited. Because the button does not contain a call to action, the user interface must make the button's function clear.


Additional Button States and Requirements

Custom buttons must meet the ZenKey brand integration guidelines in order to be approved for use. Read more about button requirements in the identity service brand integration guidelines.


More information available at GitHub:

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