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ZenKey is actively integrating with third-party apps and websites; we’re excited to share the latest updates soon. Download the ZenKey app to see how it works with our demo site, and be the first to experience ZenKey through our app and website integrations as they become available. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Test Drive ZenKey

Check out the following resources to see how everything works before fully integrating your apps with ZenKey. Just be sure to install the ZenKey app on your mobile device first in order to see the integration in action.


Explore the Developer Playground, where you can submit requests to various endpoints and view the responses to your system and your users. Try different configurations in our sample web app for ZenKey workflows, observe API calls and much more.


ZenKey SDKs and web integrations are available on GitHub for easy access, and provide a unique and effective way to more securely authenticate users who are accessing your apps with their mobile device or web browser.

ZenKey Developer Portal

Once you’re ready to fully integrate ZenKey into your app, please register and log in to the Developer Portal to apply for and provision your services, receive your client ID, and receive integration support.

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